There were several versions of Hustle dance  that were popularized during the Disco music era in the 1970's. The more practiced  version of these hustle dances is still in existence and being practiced in present day. This Hustle dance is a partner dance utilizing steps, spins, and figures from ballet, Latin and Ballroom dances. The hustle was originally  danced to Disco or Dance Club music. The Hustle dance in present day is danced to wider variety and types of music.

Dancing the Hustle will burn many calories. It is also good for the heart. Dancing will aid in controlling ones blood pressure. The motions are gentle and non strenous to the body. The chance of getting a physical injury from dancing is very slim. Research has also shown that dancing promotes better mental health. 

The best thing of all it is fun.

Beginner lesson are offered by Raymond Wong 202-494-3700



There are places where one can learn and practice Hustle dancing.


Crown Dance studio

 Every Monday Night

 in Fairfax VA


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